15 best druid spells in dnd 5e, every Dungeon Master recommends

15 best druid spells in dnd 5e

15 best Druid spells in dnd 5e?

There are several opinions of druids within the TTRPG community. Some people find the class mechanism incredibly useful while others see them as annoying and no matter other people’s sentiments, they have some exceptionally awesome spells. Here are the 15 best Druid spells in dnd 5e and they include;


This is not only a cantrip but it is by far the most useful cantrips out there. Many of the druids do not put strength as their highest stat, which makes sense, because why would they when they can just turn into a bear because it means your melee combat can turn out to be a little trickier. Shillelagh assists with this since you can use a cantrip on a club or quarterstaff to add a strength modifier to your attack roll while adding a spellcasting modifier which comes in handy if they ever plan on selecting a feat of a ‘polearm master’ for their character

Good berry (1st level)

This spell is usually ignored but if you ever needed your character to be like that of a pokemon trainer, this spell could help in achieving your wish and make you feel like that. The first level spell may not offer as numerous hit points as the heal wounds or cure wounds but it can offer any creature which weakens it to recover a 1 hit point which is the same as giving a Pokemon berry. As much as these gold berries render enough sustenance for a whole day, means that, if they didn’t want to, their adventuring festivity wouldn’t have to waste all the hard-earned gold on food.  

Entangle ( 1st level):

This level doesn’t have to deal with any direct damage but alleviates the difficulty in attacking your foes and they generate a large number of thriving vines in 20ft Square when releasing the spell and the place becomes an unusual landscape and hence decreasing the speed of movement on this area. If a creature is in an area where the spell has been cast then they have must be restricted. Suppressing their movement is an ideal way to regulate the battlefield and the restricted circumstance contributes its slew of advantages, benefits of the invasion against the restricted while they have drawbacks on the attacks and Dexterity saving throws.

Faerie Fire( 1st level):

For those that have selected a race that doesn’t have a dark vision, this spell is very vital for you since it enables you to give prominence to objects and elements within the marked area. If a creature loses a Dexterity save. Everything illuminated by the spell emits 10ft, of dim light, with attacks against the illuminated creatures and those creatures that are unable to function from being invisible are being taken advantage of.

Pass without a Trace (2nd level):

This 2nd level allows you to be sneaky cat burglars and making possible for you and your companions to earn a giant bonus of +10 to your stealth inspections and hence being unable to be traced. To maintain the spell, one shouldn’t move 30ft away from their companion as they may lose, their spell and its benefit.

Spike growth (2nd level)

Spike growth is somehow similar to the already mentioned Entangle but it can be quite damaging in some ways. The 2nd level spell produces thorny spikes in a 20ft radius area the terrain becomes difficult for movement and causes anyone that moves within its 2d4 piercing damage for every five feet of the movement to be hurt by thorns which can be very painful and resulting in the downfall of the other party or opponent 

Moonbeam( 2nd level)

This has proven to be one of the best spells used. Even though it is a Druid spell, it can also be utilized by Paladin who take the oath of the Ancients. Using this spell sends a beam of light in a 5ft radius and any creature that enters within this radius has to overcome the scorching pain which takes 2d10 radiant damage or half as much if they make a prosperous establishment save. One can cast this spell at high levels of an extra d10 and for every level,l you increase it.

Heat metal ( 2nd level)

This spell has often been over because of its name like why would one need to heat a metal? The only thought that comes to mind when staring at a sword or blades searing and burning is what damage it would cause if at all anyone touched it. It is a 2d8 fire damage according to the official 5E guide. 

Plant growth ( 3rd level)

There are two ways one could use this spell, first which is causing an overgrowth of abundant flowers and plants

Conjure Animals (3rd level)

This is for those individuals who wish to feel like a Disney Princess who has got an army of critters at their beck and call. Conjure animals are known for granting conjure spirits with a kind and stats of an animal and hence the amount one can solicit depends on the Challenging Ratings of the creature you intend on summoning and therefore, if the challenging rating is higher then you have to request for fewer creatures. These beings are always friendly to their companions as well and they obey all the commands in combat however they could lose  focus and the  need to protect themselves if not directed

Call lightning (3rd level)

This is a great spell as a result of its 120ft range though it is a little limited since it cannot be used in any indoor combat.

One can use this spell to invoke a storm cloud that sends bolts of lightning to your enemies however it is only exclusive to druids and Tempest domain clerics which deals with 3d10 to prey that fails a dexterity saving throw even though they can take half damage on a successful save.

Polymorph (4th level)

Polymorph is similar to druids that have the capability to wild shape into another creature without using a spell slot except that polymorphs enable you to modify other people into different creatures and if the transformed creature drops to zero hit points, they return to their original form to carry over the lingering damage. It is, therefore, significant to give a fighting opportunity for members with low up or spells because all statistics are replaced by the new firm’s modifiers especially mental and physical.

Reincarnate ( 5th level)

It is easy to guess what this spell is all about, as its purposes and importance can be guessed from its name. Unfortunately, it is only available on druids of higher levels due to its huge consequence on the game. One needs to be cautious because some DMs have rules about using reincarnation in their world for some reason and before using this spell you should check on them to know If it is okay to use it.

Here feast (6th level)

This spell is only cast by druids or clerics and the outcome of using this spell is an extraordinary and bountiful meal for your team and provides a tremendous number of advantages if consumed like, they become immune to being poisoned, frightened, profit from all the wisdom saving throws and boosts a creature’s max hp by 2d10 and these impacts and benefits last up to 24 hours and those who have an extra 6th level spell could use it before taking rest to give you part of the appropriate feast.

Plane shift( 7th level)

Plane shift spell is good to have in one’s pocket since it procures an instant gateway card, you can as well use a slot to send up to 8 companions to a distinct plane already existing and even though you have an established location for this spell, the DMs eventually decide the destination. Those who want to banish an unwilling creature to a new destination can utilize this spell though it is quite risky as they have to fail a charisma saving throw for it to  work if it is successful then it indicates that the danger  has been removed nicely


What are the best druids spells for every level?

Best level 1 druid spell: cures wounds.

Evocation: This is where an appointed creature is healed for hit points equal to 1d8+ your wisdom modifier however it doesn’t affect undead or constructs. It can be cast at higher levels to improve the healing by an additional d8 of every spell level above the 1st.

It empowers considerable healing than the Healing Word( another level 1 spell) with the effect of touch though. They also use fundamental recovery potions and d4 which is used by both as the base dies. Since druids have numerous 1st level spell slots means the spell can be released several times even when at lower character levels.

Second best level druid spell: absorbs elements.

Abjuration: this is the obstruction of acid, cold, fire, lightning or thunders damage until the start of the next round. Additionally, the first time you are hit with a Melee attack on the next turn, the prey may take an extra 1d6 damage of the type earlier chosen.

This spell is crucial because it facilitates extra opposition for damage types, especially if the character doesn’t have any Inmate resistances ( humans for instance as opposed to tying flings who naturally fire resistance) plus it gives further destruction on the next attack against any opponent 

Best level 2 druid spell: pass without a trace.

Abjuration: this is the concentration of one hour. This spell makes it easier to manoeuvre around enemies with a much higher chance of being invisible.

Second best level 2 druid spell: flaming sphere.

Conjuration: this is the engagement of up to 1 minute and any creature ending their turn within 5 feet of the the5-foot diameter sphere should make a Dexterity saving throw or take a 2d6 fire damage halved on a success wave. Its powerless version at the 4th level Wall of fire, Flaming Sphere offers many more options and chances for damage than its higher level, static counterpart and for as along as the concentration remains, the sphere can easily be moved to take out several other enemies

Best level 3 druid spell: tidal wave.

A tidal wave can sweep away its opponents off their feet with its energy and cause damage hence a great way to take out multiple enemies even though they are partially spread out.

Second best 3 druid spell: call lightning.

This is the concentration of up to 10 minutes and if cast outside in stormy conditions the damage could accelerate up to 1d10

Best level 4 druid spell: stone shape.

Transmutation: this is touching a stone object that’s medium or smaller or a section of a stone no bigger than 5 cubic feet and the caster can mould it according to his wanting and purpose, the caster, therefore, can create absolutely anything from rock such as a  weapon or statute. It should be noted that it’s not as powerful as the other spells

Second best 4 druid spell: ice storm.

Evocation or ice storms are one of the longest spells ranges among the druid spells and affects a large area.

Best level 5 druid spell: reincarnate.

This is also known as transmutation for those beasts that have not been dead for longer than 10 days, it creates a new body for the soul to enter. Normally the creature’s race may change and the DM determines the form in which the new body takes either by choice or by rolling a d100. It should be noted that the creature’s soul should be willing otherwise the spell fails.

Second best level 5 druid spell: scrying.

Also known as divination requires concentration of up to 10 minutes and the caster can hear and locate any place on the plane of existence hence why it is very advantageous while spying over long distances and gathering information on a  target

Best level 6 druid spell: heroes feast.

Conjuration, this a feast of up to 12 creature members which takes one hour of consumption after which the effects take place and each creature that participates in this feast is cured of all diseases and becomes immune to poisoning and being frightened making it one of the powerful spells as it additionally grants its creatures advantage to certain saving throws for spells and also increases hit points hence bringing the creature to the increased maximum. It should be noted that these benefits last for 24 hours.

Second best level 6 druid spell; transport via plants.

This is also known as conjuration where a magic link is created between a large plant within 10 feet and another plant existing on the same plane. The spell caster should have seen the destination plant before.

Best level 7 druid spell: firestorms.

Evocation is a fiery storm of fire descending on the location of the caster’s choice of 150 feet and it ignites flammable objects that are not being worn or carried. The ability of the caster to decide the layout of the affected area makes it more powerful as well as effective on the allies when they are close to the intended targets and the caster is trying to avoid hitting them.

Second best level 7 druid spell: plane shift.

A plane shift has a dual purpose for the party, one being for transportation and the other for transporting an enemy away.

Best level 8 druid spell: feeblemind.

Enchantment is one of the best and powerful spells intended to shatter the creature’s mind within 150 feet by destroying its intelligence and personality and hence the opponent is rendered useless for 30days unless and until someone removes the spell from the target.

Best level 8 druid spell: tsunami.

This is as great as a Tidal wave but a  tsunami takes it on another level and even more. This spell targets the creatures and causes damages multiple times and forces the creatures caught in the wall to continue making checks and saving throws to reduce the damage 


Best level 9 druid spell: foresight.

Divination or foresight is powerful because the majority of the rolls in DnD are for ability checks, saving throws, and attack rolls are of advantage, unlike other spells that have disadvantages against the creature. Here for 8 hours a targeted creature of the caster receive limited ability to see into the immediate future and hence the target can’t be surprised and can take advantage of the attack rolls, ability checks and saving throws.

Second best level 9 druid spell: true resurrection 

This is used in necromancy where a creature has long been dead for less than 200years and died due to other factors except old agee is restored to life by closing off all injuries that could have been inflicted on it, neutralizes any poison in the body, cures all the diseases and lift any curse that was cast upon it at the time of its death. Plus the creature can be given a new body by pronouncing its name and those that no longer have an existing body by restoring the creature to either perfect or near-perfect health.