Are C2H5OH, Methanol, Ethanol & Methane polar, or nonpolar?

Are C2H5OH, Methanol, Ethanol & Methane polar, or nonpolar?

Are C2H5OH, Methanol, Ethanol & Methane polar, or nonpolar? | Facts you need to know


C2H5OH is named Ethanol. It is a molecule that is polar. Two carbon atoms, five hydrogen atoms, and one hydroxyl (OH) group make up the compound C2H5OH. When carbon, Oxygen, and hydrogen electronegativity values are compared.

Oxygen is the most electronegative of the three. Methanol is a polar molecule. It is also a building block for our daily products such as car parts, paints, plastic, etc. CH4 is a nonpolar compound in chemistry.

It is also known as natural or marsh gas in our daily life. It is colorless gas and ability to flame. The most critical work of Methane is to heat.


C2H5OH is an organic chemical compound namely Ethanol. There are many characteristics of C2H5OH, which are given below:

  • It can flame anything.
  • It is volatile in nature.
  • It is liquid but colorless in appearance.

When it became Ethanol, many students were confused about this question: it is polar or nonpolar in chemistry, so we will discuss it and answer you for sure.

Is Ethanol polar or nonpolar?

The answer is Ethanol is a molecule that is polar in chemistry. Now we will explain to you how it is polar. First of all, you need to understand the Lewis structure of Ethanol to understand the bond formation, its composition, construction, characteristics, and many other things.

Bond nature of C2H5OH and electronegativity:

C2H5OH, formed by two carbons atoms, five hydrogen atoms, and one hydroxyl (OH) group) in it. Suppose we compare electronegativity values of carbon, Oxygen, and hydrogen. Then Oxygen is the most electronegative in this molecule.

Now here are the electronegative values of all atoms:

  • Carbon: 2.55
  • Hydrogen: 2.20
  • Oxygen: 3.44

If you compare the electronegativities values of Carbon and Hydrogen, you will know that it is less than 0.4. You can understand that it is C-H bonds that are nonpolar in chemistry.

If you compare the electronegativities values of Carbon and Oxygen atoms, it is more than 0.4, and then in the Carbon and Oxygen atom, there is polar bond formation.

The last O-H group is polar because there is an Oxygen atom and contains a high electronegativity value.

The Net Dipole in C2H5OH:

We already told you that C-H and O-H are considering polar molecules. It means in both molecules, there will be the formation of a dipole moment.

So it means that the region around the Oxygen is a partial positive charge and the region around the Carbon and Hydrogen contains a partial negative charge in chemistry. Here the dipole moment does not cancel each other.

So in this molecule, a net dipole moment will form and be known as a polar molecule.

Uses of Ethanol:

Ethanol is widely used all over the world. The primary use of Ethanol is that it is a medical solvent. It can also be used in fuel engines. It is also known as the universal solvent. It can mix both molecules, such as polar and nonpolar molecules.

Is Methanol a polar or nonpolar molecule?

Methanol is a molecule that is polar in nature. The reason is that here is the OH group that dominates and makes it a polar molecule. The most crucial point that is very important about electronegativity in the molecule is Oxygen.

Oxygen is more electronegative than carbon and hydrogen. Oxygen is more electronegative, it gets partial negative charge while hydrogen and carbon get partial positive charge.

It is the most straightforward type of alcohol, and there is one carbon atom that can connect with three hydrogen atoms, and one hydroxyl group is also present.

So due to its alcoholic nature, it will also be known as methyl alcohol.

Physical properties of Methanol:

  • It is a colorless liquid.
  • The bubbling point of Methanol is 64.96 C.
  • It can form explosive mixtures.
  • Uses of Methanol:
  • It is a building block of our products and uses plastics, paints, and car parts.
  • It can be used to construct materials.
  • It cleans many vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, ships, and others.

Is Methane (CH4) polar or nonpolar?

The structure of Methane is tetrahedral. According to its room temperature properties, it is odorless, colorless, and gas can flame. In 1776 it was known as Marsh gas, and it was discovered by a scientist named Volta.

CH4 is a nonpolar molecule. According to the chemistry of carbon and hydrogen, the electronegativity is 2.55 and 2.2, respectively, so the partial charges will be almost zero. According to its manufacturing process, Methane is 90% of natural gas. We mostly found Methane underground, digestion of animals.

Why is methane nonpolar?

We already discussed that Methane is composed of 5 atoms, containing one Carbon and four Hydrogen. It can connect by a single Carbon bond tetrahedral.

As we know that there is a minimal electronegativity value difference between Carbon and Hydrogen, it is not enough for the formation of polar molecules.

Physical properties of Methane:

  • The state of matter of Methane is gas.
  • It has no taste and has no taste.
  • It is free from all toxic so it can be used in households.
  • It is also odorless according to its chemistry.
  • Uses of Methane:
  • It can be used to cook, while cooking we need gas which is Methane.
  • It provides light.
  • Help for the production of other compounds.
  • It can operate in industrial machinery.
  • Use in rocket fuel.


Ethanol is a polar molecule. The formula of Ethanol is C2H5OH. In this molecule, the highest electronegative atom is Oxygen. It contains two Carbons atoms, five hydrogen atoms, and one hydroxyl group. Methanol is a polar molecule, while Methane is nonpolar. Methanol can be used in paints, plastics, car parts, etc.

It can also use construction materials to clean vehicles such as ships, buses, trucks, and many others. Methane is used in our home while cooking. We use this gas for cooking, rocket fuel, industrial machinery, providing light, etc. The formula of Methane is CH4.

It is commonly known as natural gas and marsh gas because Methane can be found underground.