The biggest lie about Bakugo Death exposed

Bakugo Death

Bakugo Death

My hero Acaeriesdemia is a Japanese manga series and anime series that follows Izuku Midoriya, a super-hero loving boy who was born without any superpowers. What makes this very interesting and bewildering is the fact that Izuku was born in a world where possessing superpowers called “Quirks” is the new normal. One day,  Midoriya encounters his superhero idol.

All might, who shares with Midoriya the nature of his quirk and helps him gain admission into U.A High School, a very prestigious high school that provides training to rising heroes. The manga of my hero Academia is written and illustrated by the Japanese writer Kohei Horikoshi. It began to be serialized in weekly shonen jump in July 2014 and since then a total of 27 volumes of the manga have been published to have immense domestic and international popularity.

The manga was adapted into an anime series by a Japanese anime studio called Bone Inc and has enjoyed similar success to the manga within the series, Katsuku Bakugo is the childhood friend of Izuku Midoriya and also the series “Deuteragonist” young with spiky ash-blonde hair, Bakugan has an intriguing personality and is more of an antihero, his short-fused personality and blasé attitude are what makes his character so enjoyable to watch and loved by fans all over.

Ever since the war between the Paranormal Liberation Army and Pro Heroes started there have been major death flags for major heroes like Endeavour, Aizawa, Gran Torino, Midnight, etc. In this never-ending list, one more big name has been added. It is none other than our very own beloved prick Katsuki Bakugou.

Katsuki Bakugou

Katsuki Bakugou is currently alive in the My Hero Academia manga. However, he has suffered major injuries after protecting Deku from Shigaraki’s mindless attack.

In the latest chapter, we saw Bakugou fighting alongside Deku. The latter is using his broken body over and over again to beat Shigaraki. He’s using One for all at 100% all the time and still, the young hero hasn’t given up. To make things worse. All for one manifested in shigarakis body

Even after getting charred by Endeavour’s Prominence Burn, Shigaraki still stands. He used blade-like things to stab Endeavour. He then proceeds to attack Deku calling him ‘little Brother’. Attempting to steal one for all, All for one sends out those blades once again. This time, due to being tired and having broken most of his body, Deku is unable to move. And in that instance, Bakugou jumps in and takes the attack on himself, getting stabbed all over.

Bakugou’s character seems to have come a full circle. From bullying Deku to resenting his power and finally accepting him. From being saved by Deku to saving Deku in a very similar way. Bakugou has got over his inferiority complex and has gone on to be a real hero!

Could this be the moment in which Deku loses his childhood friend? However, if Bakugou dies, this could be a new character arc for Deku, as his anger takes over him. Or it could end up in a situation similar to the Heroes Rising movie. Where Deku gives his One For All quirk to Bakugou.

From the current situation, it is pretty evident that the villains are on the verge to win. Both the number one Hero and Bakugou dying could be the biggest blowback and the perfect scenario to exact revenge for our heroes and Deku. This would also give them a chance to understand the loopholes in the hero society and an opportunity to build it better.

Bakugo Death

It should come as no surprise that when the news of  bakugo’s death started doing rounds on social media platforms like Twitter, fans of Bakugan and the series were flabbergasted and angry. The surprise and anger of the fans who watched only the anime knew no bounds. Some even swore never to watch the anime altogether, however, the news of bakugo’s death was soon confirmed as fake. Katsuko Batugo is not dead.

The prank was a nerve-racking prank pulled by the manga reading fans to the anime watching fans to give them a friendly scare, some fans even designed manga panels depicting bakugo’s death making the other fans believe it’s true when it is false.

Bakugo is an alive, thriving character, and will continue to entertain fans in the future arc of the show. The plot of the manga my hero academia is getting thicker and the action getting more interesting and exciting, if there is any time to continue with the show, the time is now!

Fun facts about Bakugo for fans who just started watching the show; Bakugo is brash, aggressive and hot-tempered. He looks more of a villain with no hold barred attitude most especially at the beginning of the series. He even bullied his best friend who is quirkless Izuku Modriya during their childhood years, but as time goes by he gains some positive qualities and gradually become a less antagonistic character. 

He still however retains his competitive and fierce nature, that which usually works to the advantage of his team. Bakugo’s quirk is to create explosions using Nitroglycerine like sweat that secretes from the palm of his hands, his quirk is extremely versatile, allowing him to launch himself mid-air, throw off and blind his opponents if need be and creates long-range blasts. He utilizes his fierce and skilled combat prowess to dominate his opponents and incapacitate them.

Bakugo has an almost mastery over his powers and abilities, his other skills include enhanced strength, superb intellect, leadership skills and even surprisingly musical talents as well, his super moves include the stun grenade, blast rush turbo, Detroit smash etc. bakugo is an amazing character in the manga series likewise the anime as well, his character upheld his end of the bargain in the manga series.