Calculating Initiative Bonus 5e in dnd and what is the maximum ?

How to calculate Initiative Bonus 5e d&d

What is the maximum initiative bonus 5e by a P.C.? What is the best way to calculate it?

Most P.C.s base their initiative on their Dexterity ability score modifier. However, there are other ways to get bonuses. What is the maximum bonus for the initiative by a P.C.? How do we calculate Initiative Bonus in 5e d&d?

The maximum permanent incentive bonus in 5e dnd is +66+1d10.

The Cast

Cindy: This is the level 17 Human.

  • Artificer 7 ——- [for Flash of Genius and Alert feat]
  • Ranger 3 ——- [for Dread Ambusher]
  • Rogue 3 ——– [for Rakish Audacity]
  • Bard 2 ———– [for Jack of All Trades]
  • Wizard 2 ——- [for wizard spell list and Tactical Wit]

Sven: This friendly Gynosphinx is available to help you.

The Gear

  • A Tome of Understanding
  • A Tome of Clear Thought
  • A Book of Leadership and Influence
  • A Manual of Quickness of Action
  • A suit of Scorpion Armor
  • The Sword of Kas
  • A Luck stone (with minor Guardian property)

The Reading

Each Manual and Tome can be useful to raise your Intelligence, Dexterity, and Wisdom to godlike levels. They only increase your ability scores by increments of +2 each time.

The manual loses its magic but is rediscovered in a century.

Sphinx lair activities are the best way to stay alive for a century. Cindy asks Sven for assistance. After you have spent a month reading all the books, Sven will alter.

The flow of time is within the lair. Everything within moves up or down to 10 years (sphinx’s decision).

Do this ten times, and the books will regain their magic. You can then go back 100 years to reread them. For a +10 ability modifier, continue this process until your relevant ability scores reach 30. To ensure that the books are not stolen during “incubation,” you can protect the lair with Sven for one hundred years.

The Calculation of Initiative bonus

Here is the final calculation of the Initiative bonus.

  • Base: +10

Every participant performs a Dexterity test before combat begins to determine their position in the initiative order.

  • Flash of Genius: +10 (+20)

You can add your Intelligence modifier to a roll if you or another creature within 30 feet of your target makes an ability check, saving throw, or save.

  • Dread Ambusher: +10 (+30)

You can get a bonus on your initiative rolls equal or greater than your Wisdom modifier.

  • Rakish Audacity is +10 (+40)

You can get a bonus on your initiative rolls equal or greater than your Charisma modifier.

  • Tactical Wit +10 (+50)

You can get a bonus for your initiative rolls equal in value to your Intelligence modifier.

  • Jack of All Trades +3 (+53)

You can add half of your proficiency bonus to any ability test that does not already include your proficiency bonus.

  • Alert: +5 (+58)

Get a +5 bonus for your initiative

  • Scorpion Armor +5 (+63)

+5 Bonus to your initiative, provided you’re not incapacitated

  • The Sword of Kas: +10 (+63 +1d10)

You add a 10 to your initiative at every combat’s start

  • Luckstone:+64 (+ 1d10)

You get a +1 bonus on ability checks.

Remarkable Athlete has increased the bonus by using the Ioun Stone.

  • Guardian: +2 (+66 + 1d10)

+2 Bonus to Initiative if the bearer’s not incapacitated.

We have it. Cindy is the fastest west-bound gun.

What are the Advantages?

You could also benefit from Initiative rolls if you have a sentinel guard.

This shield gives you an advantage in initiative rolls and Wisdom checks.

How to Calculate the Initiative in DnD 5E

That would hold for Dungeons & Dragons for all combat, if not for initiative determining who goes where and when.


  • Rogue 4 (Swashbuckler+CHA)
  • Bard 4 (Jack of All Trades +1/2 proficiency).
  • Ranger 4 (Gloom Stalker +WIS)
  • Wizard 2 (War Mage +INT).
  • Fighter 6 (A.S.I.s)

5 ASIs (1 bard, 1 fighter, 1 ranger and 1 ranger) – +2-4 stats – Feat

STR 18 DEX20 CON 18 INT20 WIS 20 CHA20

  • Base +5
  • Alert +5
  • Swashbuckler Rakish audacity +5
  • Gloom Stalker Dread Abusher +5
  • Tactical Wisdom +5 for War Mage
  • Bard Jack of All Trades +3

Total Initiative Modifier +28

Things you should keep in mind when calculating initiative bonus 5e

  1. An Initiative Bonus 5e is equal to your Dexterity Modifier. It also includes any bonuses from feats, classes, and such. They will list the bonuses they give.
  2. If two players have the same initiative, they can decide between themselves who takes the initiative. The D.M. decides for monsters with a similar initiative.
  3. Your D.M. might use Dexterity Tiebreakers instead. It means that when you roll a tie, you compare your dexterity scores. The higher score determines the winner. However, further ties require you to roll d20s. If your D.M. allows it, you can also roll at the same time.
  4. When an initiative is called, every creature acts in the order of highest to lowest initiative.

These are some of the many ways that your D.M. could take the initiative:

Standard: Each creature takes the initiative when they begin combat. They roll 1d20 and add their initiative bonus to it, determining how each creature acts during combat.

These are the initiative variants that can be found on page 267 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Score for Initiative

Each creature rolls 10 + their Initiative bonus to determine the order in which they will fight.

Side Initiative

Each side in combat (party, monsters and villains, bystanders, and any other groups involved in combat) rolls a 20 with no modifiers. Re-rolls on ties are allowed. After each creature has taken its turn, the initiative moves to the next side.

Speed is a key factor

Each creature begins each round by selecting an action. Based on their actions (see Dungeon Master’s Guide, pg. For a table, refer to Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 271 to see a table. Each creature takes the initiative and rolls the dice. They are then restricted in their actions and what they can do. You then start a new round, and you do it again.

+28 to initiate roll without items, 32-35 Avec

Which character build (upto level 20 if needed) provides the highest initiative bonus? Is the one I have listed here the best? Let’s say that the PC is a human (+1 for all ability scores) whose player was able to roll all 17s during character creation. The character thus has +4 in all stats.

  • All 18’s (human, 17’s+1) receive the initiative bonuses except Strength and Constitution.
  • Fighter 6 (for feat/ASI).
  • Wizard 2 (War Wizard; Intelligence +5; Tactical Wit; War Wizard)
  • Rogue 4 (Swashbuckler, Charisma +5)
  • Bard 4 (Jack of All Trades, + 3 from 1/2 proficiency).
  • Ranger 4 (Gloom Stalker; + 5 Wisdom)

Alert Feat +5

Dexterity +5

4 total A.S.I.s, 1 feat: A.S.I. (1 Rogue, 1 Bard, 1 Ranger, 1 Fighter); 1 Feat (Alert)

Final Stat Breakdown: CON 18 STR 18 DEX 20 CON 20 INT 20 WIS20 CHA 20

All initiative rolls should be added 28. Never be surprised. (Alert feat).


Any +2 boost in Int, Cha, or Wis to Dex: +1 per item or book/tome.

  1. Rare books. However, if you can get Wisdom, Dex, and Cha, your initiative boost will be32. Manual of Quickness of Action (Dex+2), Tome of Clear(Int +2) Tome of Understanding and Leadership (Wis +2)
  2. Initiative boost is +32 without the use of an attuned object. Let’s now attune three items.
  3. Ioun stones: Attune three Ioun Stones if you find them. You can choose from the Ioun stone of Agility (+2 Dex), Intellect (+2 Int), Insight (+2 Wis), Leadership(+2 Cha), or Insight (+2 Wis). (p. 227; S.R.D.).
  4. Now is the time to give the initiative a boost35.

You get +7 to all saving throws if you take Fighter at level 1. However, you also get +10 to Strength and Constitution saving throws. Nice side effect.

Is there an increase in the incentive bonus with increasing levels?

Your Intelligence modifier can be useful to give you an additional bonus on your initiative rolls. A level 6 character that was a Ranger/Wizard 2 and took the Alert feat at Level 4 would receive an initiative bonus equal to 5 + DEX + W.I.S. +INT.

Epic Boons

An epic boon (DMG), which boosts +2 to any stat (Dex, Int. Wis, Cha), is another +1.

Although it is possible to get a boost in the initiative of + something as an epic bonus, I would prefer anything else.

What is the 5e initiative bonus?

Modifier for your character’s initiative equals your Dexterity modifier, plus any modifiers from race, class, or other features. Note your initiative modifier once you have determined it.

Which classes are eligible for a bonus from Initiative 5e

Bard: At two levels. Jack-Of-All-Trade: This gives you half proficiency with Initiative checks. Ranger (Revised). At least three levels. Natural Explorer offers an advantage in initiative checks

Highest Initiative Bonus 5e Optimized Character Build

Ability Scores

Dexterity and Intelligence are the only ones that matter. It would help if you tried to get them to 20. This build is a front-runner, so increase Constitution. You should consider increasing Wisdom if you are investing more in Ranger.


The variant of Human: You can increase your Dexterity. Take the Alert feat.

Aarakocra: If your D.M. doesn’t allow feats, This is especially true if you want to move fast.


Fighter: Minimum 7 levels Select the Champion archetype. That is mainly for the Remarkable Athlete feature. It will allow you to increase half of your proficiency bonus to Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity checks. That includes Initiative checks. It is not necessary if you reach two levels in Bard. You might be able to skip Fighter. Unless you’re sold on the idea, don’t bother. It is your decision. You could throw Fighter in there after you have all the other parts. Although Fighter is basic, I like the way it looks to me. “Strong but basic.”

Bard: At two levels. The Jack-Of-All-Trade is a level that gives you half proficiency with Initiative checks.

Ranger (Revised)Minimum 3 levels Natural Explorer offers initiative checks and an advantage. For the Dread Ambusher function, choose the Gloom Stalker CONclave. It allows you to add your Wisdom modifier for Initiative checks.

Wizard: Minimum 2 levels Select War Magic as your Arcane Tradition to activate the Tactical Wit feature. It allows you to add your Intelligence modifier for Initiative checks.

Rogue: Minimum three levels Select the Swashbuckler Roguish Archetype to activate Rakish Audacity. It allows you to add your Charisma modifier for Initiative checks.

Other:Initiative is not affected by the other levels, but you might consider having them take some classes.



  • A +5 bonus is available to you for your initiative.
  • While you’re conscious, it is impossible to be surprised.
  • Because you are not visible to other creatures, they don’t have an advantage in attack rolls against them.

Lucky: You can spend three luck points. You can spend one luck point getting an additional d20 every time you make an attack roll or ability check. You have the option to spend one luck point after you roll the die but before the outcome is known. You can choose which of your d20s will be used for the attack roll, ability check, or saving throw. If you are the victim of an attack roll, you can spend one luck point. Roll a d20 and choose to attack using the attacker’s roll. The luck points of more than one creature can influence the outcome of a roll. When you end a long rest, your luck points are refunded.

You can use a luck point if you are not satisfied with your roll.

You’ll need as much A.S.I. To complete the Dexterity and Wisdom forms, Intelligence, Intelligence, and Charisma sections, you will need as many A.S.I.

Conclusion: 5e Initiative Bonus calculation made easy

  • Dexterity modifier+5
  • Alert+5
  • A remarkable athlete or jack of all trades+3 at 17th level or higher
  • Natural Explorer: Advantage
  • Dread Ambusher+5
  • Tactical Wisdom:+5
  • Rakish Audacity+5

You will almost always be the first with a +28 modifier or advantage. If not, use a luck point.