How Late Can You Check Into a Hotel?

How Late Can You Check Into a Hotel?

How Late Can You Check Into a Hotel?

The amount of time left before check-in on the hotel room door is important. The hotel management sets the time, but the time set differs from hotel to hotel. So, the question is, when should you check-in at the hotel? Is there a slot of time allotted for you to check-in? Should you ask for early check-in? What are the check-in times at different hotels? 

Checking into a hotel on time can be important to some people, especially if they have to catch an early flight the next day or need to get up early in the morning for work. However, ask at the desk whether you can check in late might not get you what you want.

That’s because check-in times are ultimately up to the discretion of your particular hotel, and they’re not always guaranteed to honor your request or change their policy if you complain enough or ask nicely enough. Please continue reading to find out how close to the end you can check in to a hotel without getting busted.

Things to know when booking a hotel room

Making reservations for lodging is simple. You can book a room over the phone, via your computer, or using an app. As long as rooms are available, most hotels will accommodate your request—even if it’s just one hour before arrival.

Some hotels charge an extra fee if they need to extend their office hours to take care of booking requests less than 24 hours ahead of time, so it pays to plan. Last year, there seemed to be situations when trying to find Europe over the past housing options may be unimaginable.

If you’re planning a trip at peak season (e.g., Christmas/New Year’s) and are worried about availability or fees, call or stop well to make reservations in advance of your stay.

Three questions to ask when making your reservation

When making a reservation at a hotel, be sure to ask questions about three critical things: The method of payment, cancellation policies, and the number of nights.

Every business is different, so some will give you more wiggle room on these issues than others; if one company’s policy doesn’t fit your needs, shop around until you find one that does. It could save you an extra charge or two down the road.

How later is too late to check-in at a hotel?

Quite a few factors contribute to answering how late you can check in to your hotel. Still, in general, most hotels have similar policies. The earliest time you will usually be able to check-in is 4 pm, but that could vary depending on your location and what time of year it is.

You should always contact your hotel directly before booking any reservations and ask about their specific policy regarding when guests are allowed to arrive at their establishment.

Most companies will allow early arrival before their standard check-in times; however, if it is during off-peak times, you may find that there isn’t much flexibility about early arrivals.

Is there an after-hours number I can call if I arrive late at night?

Most hotels that require you to check-in at a certain time will have an after-hours number posted on their website or at their front desk. If not, call your specific location and ask for it. Once you have it, write down what it says and keep it with your travel documents if there’s ever any issue while trying to check in.

That way, there won’t be any confusion about what number to call if anyone is available to help when you arrive late at night.

Having an after-hours number will also make calling much easier because if they are closed when it’s time for you to show up, no one will answer! Have everything written down, so all they need is information from your reservation form; it makes things go smoother.

Three tips for planning ahead of time when checking in

  1. Let them know if there will be anything special on your account.
  2. Make sure you have all of your confirmation numbers.
  3. If any of your contact information has changed, update it as soon as possible because most hotels will require it for their records to process any add-ons or upgrades that may apply to your stay at their establishment.

This way, you don’t risk being denied service due to an outdated number and not being able to get through when you need help from customer service. And don’t forget about taking advantage of loyalty programs!

These programs are set up to receive perks based on how often and how much money you spend at certain locations; however, some offer additional benefits like early check-in and late check out based on your status level within their program.

So it never hurts to ask! Plus, once they see how frequent a guest you are, they might start offering these perks without asking. Just another perk of staying loyal!


Here don’t appear to be any hard and fast rules for booking a hotel late. It all depends on who you are and what the hotel can do for you. Unfortunately, hotel check-in time is one of the facets of the hospitality industry that is better known than understood. Every hotel has a check-in time, and every hotel tells you what that is.

Certain hotel policies govern your ability to check in and out of hotels. If these policies are known, it’s possible to secure rooms after 10 pm or before noon if necessary. However, it will always depend on what type of room is booked, when it was booked, and how many nights are spent at the hotel.

To ensure your ability to check-in at any time, book directly with hotels that offer 24-hour room availability for guests who may be checking in late or leaving early. In addition, make sure to ask about cancellation policies and booking fees that could result from having to change plans.