How old are teen titans in Teen Titans Go

How old are teen titans in Teen Titans Go

How old are teen titans?

It is an animated American television series which is produced by Galen Murakami and was first produced on July 19, 2003. The first 2 seasons are on kids’ WB.  There are 5 seasons of the Teen Titans and each season has more than 20 episodes on Hulu. It is a very interesting season and if you have a Hulu subscription, I will recommend you to watch it on Hulu because it is a very good platform that gives us ads-free plans.

The Teen Titans are a gang of adolescent superheroes that protect the world from evil. The Titan’s main group consists of the founding members. However, there are two more teams on the east and west coasts of the United States. They’re responsible for safeguarding their particular territories. Honorary members, a select few who are not members of any Titans group but are honorary members on a case-by-case basis, are dispersed across the earth.

How old are teen titans in Teen Titans Go


A group of five adolescent superheroes protects the world from a slew of villains in their city while dealing with the issues that all teenagers confront nowadays. Robin the Boy Wonder is the leader of his superhero team, The Teen Titans, in a huge city.

How old are the teen titans go?

Remember that the popular 2003 animated TV program is highly stylized, with many of the characters and events simplified, flipped about, and altered to appeal to a younger audience.

Their actual age is irrelevant since age-related traits such as appearance, stability, intelligence, grasp of abilities, and hand size fluctuate according to the plot requirements of that episode. Because the creators appear to want the characters to be both venerated and relatable, the answer to this question has been purposefully left vague.

Marv Wolfman and George Pérez developed the Teen Titans as we know them today in the 1980s comic book series ‘The New Teen Titans.

When Robin selected the heroes from the team, he selected those members who were 15 to 17, and he said that team members’ age must be 18. So according to my guess The teen titans ages’ are around 15 to 18. But according to my point of view about how old teen titans are given below,


  • Garfield Logan: 16 to 17. 
  • Robin, 17 to 18
  • Cyborg, 18 
  • Starfire and Ravin, 16 to 17.
  • Beast boy, 16 to 17        


Teen titan goes Starfire teenage:

The real name of the Starfire was princess coriander. For short,  Star is one of the primary characters in the Teen Titans series. She is an extraterrestrial princess from the planet Tamaran and one of the Teen Titans’ five founding members. And the other name was Starfire star. 

Starfire was created by marv wolfman when the new characters were needed for the new upcoming series of teen Titans. Wolfman developed this character as a princess who was very sexy in appearance and fighter. Perez created Starfire with a golden complexion, long flowing red hair, fully green eyes, a voluptuous physique, and revealing bikini-like armor based on this description. Her character was an instant hit with fans, and her appearance and wardrobe have stayed nearly constant since her debut three decades ago.

Starfire is a natural warrior, and her pleasant and lighthearted demeanor quickly fades when she is forced to fight. She is a fearless combatant who is merciless and relentless in warfare. When sufficiently enraged, she can fly into a berserker rage, increasing her already incredible strength level, and her teammates have had to physically restrain her in this state for fear of her killing her enemies.

How old are teen titans in Teen Titans Go

Teen Titans Go character old original teenage Titans:

A two-year-old petition to bring back the Teen Titans animation from 2003 to 2006 has resurfaced. Around the time when ‘Teen Titans’ was released on Blu-Ray, the petition was started.

It’s unknown why it’s suddenly become popular on social media again, but it has. It’s possible that the rebirth of Young Justice on DC Universe sparked interest, or that it’s merely the continuing trend of classic TV shows being resurrected for new seasons many years after they finished. It could also be the broader wave of nostalgia that has accompanied the launch of Disney, which includes several other cult-favorite animated series such as Gargoyles and X-Men: Evolution.

How old is beast boy in teen titans?

Beast Boy is a key character in the Teen Titans franchise. He is a former member of the Doom Patrol and one of the Teen Titans’ five founding members.

Garfield Logan was bitten by a rare breed of a green monkey on a rainforest island years ago. Logan’s parents, both scientists, gave him a serum that saved his life when he was infected with a deadly sickness known as Green Fever The remedy, however, had the unforeseen side effect of turning him green and allowing him to change into any animal, as he describes in the episode “Beast Girl.” Garfield became a crime fighter, dubbed Beast Boy, after realizing his incredible skills.

How old is beast boy in teen titans?


Beast Boy later departed the Doom Patrol after a few years of service to defend Jump City from enemies, as seen in Flashback. He encountered Robin, a fellow young superhero eager to create a team, there. Although the Boy Wonder was initially awestruck by his abilities, he soon discovered that feeding was the most important thing to Beast Boy. Regardless of his sloth, Beast Boy and his other teenagers were able to get membership in the newly created Teen Titans.

Cyborg and other character ages in teen titan:

Teen Titans’ Cyborg is one of the primary characters. He is the Teen Titans’ half-cybernetic half-man, senior technological expert, and one of the group’s five founding members.

Victor Stone was a talented young athlete named Cyborg before an accident killed his mother and seriously crippled him, forcing his father to replace the damaged body parts with cybernetics in order to keep his son alive. However, because these mechanical pieces were visible, he was shunned by his family and friends, which irritated him considerably. As a result, he felt bitterness and animosity toward his father.