How to Block Someone Without them Knowing

How to Block Someone Without them Knowing

How to Block Someone Without them Knowing

Nobody tolerates those who selfishly spoil social conversations in the real world. Allowing one person to destroy things for many people is unfair, so society expels conversation killers.

Blocking people on social media is just as crucial as eliminating people who disrupt conversations in the everyday world. It is, in fact, more vital. Because they aren’t physically there, people online are either “anonymous” in some sense (if they use a pseudonym or bogus profile information, you have no idea who they are) or feel “safe” to spoil talks.

Some people are emboldened by the anonymity and physical distance to act in ways they would never do in person. And when one individual foolishly takes down a conversation, it can derail it for ten, a hundred, or a thousand others. For the sake of the many, block the one.

We all want to have the finest social media experience possible. We can select who we want to follow, what topics and categories we want to track, and whether or not we want to be public.


Twitter is a social media platform with the primary goal of connecting people. However, you wish to block a specific Twitter user for some reason. Twitter gives you the option of blocking someone without knowing them. It does not alert them that they have been blocked when you block someone.

 Block Someone On Twitter Without Them Knowing

  • Open the Twitter application on your device.
  • On the Twitter page, search for the person you want to block.
  • You can search the user by directly typing the URL or by clicking the link attached to the person’s profile on your screen.
  • There is a person’s name along with the display picture, and right decision, you will see a light gray bar.
  • On the far left side of the bar there, you will see a green + icon and the word follow decided.
  • Similarly, there is a gear icon next to it on the far right side.
  • Click the gear icon, and it will show a drop-down menu.
  • Among the drop-down menu, select the option of the Block.
  • The person can no longer send you any DM or see your tweet  if your profile is private on Twitter.


Facebook is a social networking platform that allows users to connect with friends, coworkers, and strangers online by creating free profiles. Users can share photos, music, videos, articles, and their views and opinions with as many people as they want.

On Facebook, you can also ban someone based on an unpleasant acquaintance. This is when you don’t know someone, and they manage to add you as a friend and, on top of all that, send you unsolicited messages.

Block Someone on Facebook Without Them Knowing

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Tap the three horizontal lines.
  • This will bring a list of options.
  • Tap “Settings & Privacy” > Settings > Privacy section > Blocking > Add To Blocked List.


 Instagram allow users to post images or videos with their friends ,family, and public.

When you have a lot of social interactions in one app, you may need someone to stop communicating with you. Blocking that individual may be the best thing to do.

Block someone on Instagram without them knowing

  • First, you must enter your Instagram account. Remember that this process can be done from a computer, a mobile browser, or the same mobile application as you like!
  • After this, in the Instagram search engine, please enter the person’s name you want to block and enter their profile.
  • Once there, you must select the menu in the upper right corner displayed in the form of a “three ellipsis” icon.
  • Here, different options will open to you what you want to do with this profile. Select “Block,” and you will be more than ready to continue with your life calmly since the user will already be blocked.


Snapchat allows users to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun with their friends. It’s the simplest and quickest method to say the whole range of human emotions to your pals without feeling obligated to be popular, pretty, or flawless. Social media has given us unprecedented levels of social engagement and the opportunity to mingle with strangers.

However, things can get nasty at times and we may not be in the mood to continue interacting with some people.

 Block Someone On Snapchat Without Them Knowing

  • Navigate to the main screen and tap the ‘Search’ bar
  • Enter the username and select the user you want to block
  • Open the user settings (three horizontal lines in the top-left corner)
  • Tap ‘Block’
  • Tap ‘Block’ once more to confirm
  • Tell Snapchat why you’re blocking this user


WhatsApp is a messaging program that sends texts, photos, audio, and video over the internet. It is substantially less expensive than texting.

When you’re messaging online, your privacy is crucial, and if there’s someone you’d prefer to avoid, you should know how to do it.

Block Someone On Whatsapp Without Them Knowing

  • Open your Whatsapp
  • Then tap on the utility button at the topmost right
  • Tap on more and select Block
  • A short message will pop up. Tap OK.


If you block a user on YouTube, they won’t be able to comment on videos on your channel or videos you’ve published.

Blocking someone on YouTube without knowing them

  • Log onto YouTube
  • Go to the profile page of the person you want to block.
  • Click on “About” 
  • Click the flag icon.
  • Select “block” from this list
  • Confirm you would like to block this person.


You may block anyone on social media sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Snapchat without them knowing. If someone sends you inappropriate messages, or if you want to keep work contacts distinct from your personal social media profiles, you can block them.

Blocking someone on social media is a fantastic option because it allows us to ignore them instead of listening to their nonsense fully. Blocking people you know who have harmed you in some way, such as bullying, toxic friendships, or persistent harassment and contact, might also help you feel better.