How to Pass a Drug Test with Hand Sanitizer

How to Pass a Drug Test with Hand Sanitizer

How to Pass a Drug Test with Hand Sanitizer

It is possible to pass a drug test using hand sanitizer, but it is not simple. Several scientific methods exist to detect tainted tests, but hand sanitizer may be effective. It’s almost a miracle that individuals can still beat drug tests with so many sophisticated detection techniques.

Discover how to take a drug test using hand sanitizer in the video below. The steps are simple and, if followed correctly, can be effective.

Passing a Drug Test Using Hand Sanitizer

To pass a drug test to hand sanitizer, users must first obtain the necessary items. Then, before your test date, you must practice and submit a sample without being caught.

Step 1: Gather the necessary materials.

Two bottles of 2 oz. Hand sanitizer, a thermometer, and two plain, refrigerated urine samples are required. To perfect your technique, you’ll need a self-test urine kit. One hand sanitizer and one urine sample are required for practice, while the rest must be saved for one’s test date. Having to pass urine drug tests can be made simple by correctly using the items listed.

Step 2: Get some practice before the test.

Use the first bottle of hand sanitizer for practice. Remove most of its contents, having left less than 5% of its overall amount in the bottle. Refrigerate a clean urine sample in the hand sanitizer flask until needed. To avoid being caught, make sure the test does not deviate from this temperature range.

Step 3: Maintain the sample’s temperature.

Put a pair of underwear bras and place the sample (at the temperature recommended) between your legs. Keeping the sample under one’s genitals will keep it warm until the test starts.

After perfecting your technique, use the 2nd hand sanitizer and urine sample. If you can’t find more than one clean urine sample, users can use water for the temperature test.

Step 4: Send in your sample

The lab will provide you with a test tube to collect one’s urine sample. Without drawing attention, you must start moving to a safe location, most likely a toilet or closet.

Ensure that the container you made at home is reinserted into your pants. After you’ve submitted the sample, you don’t want anyone finding the sanitizer bottle.

The Most Common Adulterants Used to Pass a Drug Test


According to research, vinegar has the greatest probability of tainting a urine test without being detected. Because vinegar is natural, many samples tainted with it can outperform household cleaning products.

When vinegar is used properly to mask urine, laboratory technique has difficulty detecting foul play. However, there is no evidence that vinegar can assist you in avoiding a drug test using a mouth swab.

Artificial urine

If you don’t want to risk a failed test, synthetic urine is better. Synthesized urine in powdered form is usually available for purchase in some stores.

Those who are sceptical of synthetic urine can obtain a sample from somebody who doesn’t use drugs or alcohol. But be careful with urine samples; you’ll need to keep them warm until the test.

Kosher salt

Salt can degrade barbiturates found in some hypnotic drugs. Such compounds in a lab test can be obscured by diluting 15–30% of a urine sample with table salt.

Tea made from goldenseal

Mistreated drugs in a urine sample can be disguised by drinking goldenseal tea. However, such tea mixtures can cause a darker color in urine, resulting in a rescheduled test.

Drops for the eyes

The use of eye drops can minimize or remove the detection of multiple benzodiazepines in a drug sample. Benzodiazepines are commonly found in sedatives, hypnotics, and muscle relaxants.

Pills for Weight Loss

Phentermine is a prescribed drug that helps you lose weight. It has a similar chemical structure to amphetamines, a stimulant used to treat ADHD and as a learning instrument to stay up. If you aren’t taking amphetamines for a medical reason, phentermine may raise an untrue red flag in one’s drug test.

Puffed Poppy Seeds

Morphine and codeine occur naturally in these. small black seeds. A poppy seed bagel, for instance, may cause you to test positive for both opioids for up to a day after eating it. 

This is more likely to occur in labs that still use older, lower detection thresholds for those substances.


Ethanol, simple wheat alcohol, is a type of alcohol. Commonly found in many liquid medications, vanilla extract, & exhalation products. Today’s drug tests are used to detect even amounts of alcohol for longer periods after exposure. 

If you use anything containing alcohol, your air, blood, or urine sample may be flagged for possible signs of intoxication. If you use alcohol-based hand sanitizers frequently, the same thing could happen.


Sertraline treats mental illness, panic attacks, compulsive disorder, and other conditions. Some drug screens may not be sensitive enough to distinguish between sertraline and benzodiazepines.

The latter is an elderly tranquillizer drug frequently found in opioid overdose victims. The erroneous test result could occur over several weeks after you stop taking your antidepressant.

Final Verdict

These medications are unlikely to interfere with your drug tests. However, a few antibiotics have been linked to inaccurate test results in rare cases. Rifampin used to treat tuberculosis may appear as opioids in some rapid urine tests. Furthermore, the false-positive outcome could occur up to 18 hours after taking a single dose of an antibiotic.

That is the chemical in cannabis that causes you to become high. However, the likelihood of you possessing enough THC to trigger a positive result in the federal government’s and many private employers’ drug screens are extremely low.