How to Use an Amazon Employee Discount?


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    How to Use an Amazon Employee Discount?

    To get the most out of your Amazon employee discount, you should look at some of the perks of working for the company. You can add gift cards and promotional codes to your order summary if you have the option. You can also participate in a 401K plan that offers a fifty percent company match.


    If you’re an Amazon employee, you can also use your employee discount to save money on audiobooks. Some restrictions on using this discount include purchasing a minimum of $1000. In addition, you must buy directly from Amazon rather than through a third-party seller.

    Free Audiobooks

    If you are an Amazon employee, you may already be familiar with the free audiobooks program. In addition to ebooks, Amazon offers a free Audible audiobook service. These programs feature a massive selection of free books and the option of downloading them on your preferred device. Typically, audiobooks are available as MP3 files. You can read books using any device, download them to your PC, and transfer them to your device.

    Amazon also offers its Audible Channel, short audio podcasts, documentaries, comedy shows, and other short-form audio content. Prime members get free access to this program and can listen to up to 30 minutes of audio content for free. There are also several other exclusive benefits of Prime membership, including free two-day shipping and unlimited photo storage.

    If you are an Amazon employee, you can subscribe to Audible with your email and password. You’ll automatically receive two full-length audiobooks and one Audible Original each month as your subscription. Of course, you can cancel your Audible subscription anytime, as well. Just make sure to check the terms and conditions before subscribing.

    The employee discount can be applied to hundreds of items, and the savings will automatically apply at checkout. You can also download audiobooks from the Audible website without a Prime membership. These downloadable files will be in the AA/AAX format, which everyday audiobook players do not recognize. To download audiobooks, download Audible Download Manager, which is available for both Mac and Windows users.

    Stocked Kitchen

    A stocked kitchen with Amazon employee discounts is not the only benefit employees can get. Amazon also has a cafeteria where employees can buy breakfast items, pasta, and gourmet juices. Some departments also order their dinners for free. According to Ed Chang, a former Apple hardware engineer and Quora user, Amazon also allows employees to bite into free apples. But there are some cons. You may not be able to buy your favorite foods every day, and the cost can be high.

    Paid Time Off

    You may have noticed that your employer has a paid time off policy if you’re an Amazon employee. Although they previously allowed employees to take as many days off as they wanted, they changed their policy due to a coronavirus outbreak. As a result, Amazon employees earn 3.5 hours of paid time off a year these days. This time is often referred to as personal time off. You should speak with your Human Resources manager to take full advantage of this policy.

    Paid time off is one of the essential benefits for Amazon employees. The company also has a unique college tuition program for hourly employees. With this program, you can save up to 95% of your college tuition and textbooks. In addition to the free college tuition, Amazon also offers a discount for other educational expenses, such as books and fees. This is an excellent perk for aspiring students who want to study.

    Amazon employees can also choose from one of four health insurance plans. These plans are offered through Aetna and Premera Blue Cross networks. The company also provides dental and vision coverage and contributes to HSAs. For those who are starting a family, Amazon also offers a generous leave program. Those with children are entitled to 10 weeks of paid time off and four weeks of pre and post-partum leave.

    If you’re an Amazon employee, you’ll earn vacation time and personal days based on your work hours. These benefits can vary depending on your location and your years of experience. You can earn five to 10 vacation days each year, while those who work part-time or reduced hours can earn up to 15 days of paid time.

    Adoption Assistance

    Among the many benefits, Amazon employees receive a discount on adoption assistance. The discount covers adoption attorney fees, travel expenses, and court costs. Unfortunately, this benefit is not available to every employer, but it can make the whole process easier. Adoption is a huge financial burden for many families, and the Amazon employee discount for adoption assistance may make the process a little easier.

    Amazon has an employee assistance program that provides referrals and confidential counseling for its employees. The program also covers court and attorney fees and offers a flexible return-to-work plan called Ramp Back. It also covers adoption assistance for eligible domestic adoption expenses. The program is available to all employees who have worked for Amazon for at least one year.

    Amazon offers many family benefits, including maternity leave. New parents can take up to ten weeks of paid leave after giving birth. The company also offers flexible return-to-work plans for new parents. In addition to these benefits, Amazon supports its employees financially, matching employee contributions to 401k plans and offering free life insurance programs.