Never have I Ever Questions For Teens

Never have I Ever Questions For Teens

Never have I Ever Questions For Teens

Never have I ever,…” is indeed a great game for meeting new individuals and laughing. Play it with your closest friends, and the game’s rules will reveal how well you know them.

Thanks to the questions asked you’ll learn exciting or embarrassing things about people you thought you knew.

Never have I ever been a fun teen game to play. Depending on their mood, they can make it as mild or wild as they want! Players have no idea what kind of revelations will be made, but you can be sure that everyone will have a good time! When you play Never Have I Ever, get ready for some crazy moments!

Different Game Rules and Ways to Play

If you’ve never played this game before, or if you need a refresher, keep reading.

Typically, the younger children play this game with candy. Some people play by putting their fingers down, while others make it a drinking game. You have a choice.

Everyone sits in a circle with ten fingers, ten pieces of candy, or ten drinks. One of the players begins by saying something they have never done before.

Anyone who has done it before is allowed to drink, eat a piece of candy, or put one finger down. The game continues when the next person says something, the first player to finish wins.

Typically, the problem with this game is coming up with authentic questions, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Never Have I Ever Questions For Teens, Crazy Edition

Don’t go crazy with the questions, or you’ll fight for real with your friends! Remember that it’s supposed to be enjoyable for everyone!

  • Never have I ever gotten drunk by myself.
  • Never have I ever lied to anyone from here.
  • Never have I ever gotten involved in a drinking contest.
  • Never have I ever took a dump myself when intoxicated.
  • Never have I ever been caught lying before.
  • I never consumed alcohol before turning 21.
  • Never have I ever wagered money on anything.
  • Never have I ever done karaoke before.
  • Never have I ever used to have feelings for a professor.
  • Never have I ever kissed anyone before.
  • Never have I ever seriously considered murdering someone.
  • Never have I ever skipped a class before.
  • Never have I ever attempted to steal the answers from a test.
  • Never have I ever prank-called anyone from here.
  • Never have I ever stolen anything.

Never Have I Ever Questions For Teens, Craziest Edition

  • Never have I ever cheated on someone.
  • Never have I ever used alcohol to boost my confidence.
  • Never have I ever taken naked photos.
  • Never have I ever drunk and allowed to pass out
  • Never have I ever did not last more than a night
  • Never have I ever has a friend who is privileged
  • Never have I ever have lost one’s job through dismissal
  • Never have I ever had an inebriated void throughout bed
  • Never have I ever has been kicked out from under a bar
  • Never have I ever hung out with a friend’s ex.

Good Never Have I Ever Questions for Teens

If you want to play Never Have I Ever for Teens, you can begin by asking questions from our Good Never Have I Ever Questions for Teens list.

There may be some embarrassing questions here, but nothing too serious. It’s a good idea to start with simple questions to get everyone comfortable.

Here’s a hint: just because these aren’t the problematic questions, don’t expect to end up rolling on the floor laughing!

Below are some intriguing questions to consider when playing this game:

Never have I ever mixed Mentos with Coke or Pepsi.

It’s an experiment in science! Cheers to STEM education!

Never have I ever made a video of myself singing or dancing.

If I don’t record it, how will you know how talented I am?

Never have I ever returned a used item or piece of clothing.

I don’t dare to return anything I’ve purchased.

Never have I been so afraid to leave my house at night that I ran back in.

Better to be safe than sorry!

Never have I ever been afraid of clowns.

They can look terrifying from the right angle.

Never have I ever been told I had bad breath.

Brush your teeth after every meal!

Never have I ever made a blanket fort before.

This is a lot of fun! It’s as if you have your secret world!

I never “cleaned up” by stuffing everything into a closet.

It’s known as speed cleaning!

Never have I ever to the point where I’ve been caught picking my nose.

This is not a proud moment for me.

Never have I ever been late for class.

Who hasn’t ever been late for class?

Never have I ever been on a family road trip.

Family road trips demonstrate that you can love and hate people simultaneously.

Never have I ever driven drunk before.

We can drink and have a good time without endangering anyone.

Never have I ever given a stuffed animal a name.

Stuffed animals are ideal childhood companions that can be played with whenever you want.

Never have I ever seen Titanic before.

Yes, Rose and Jack should have shared the raft, in my opinion.

Never have I ever shed some tears over a Pixar movie.

Strangely, children’s movies can be so depressing at times.

Never have I ever. A phone of mine ended up in the toilet.


Never have I pretended to be sick to play video games.

I hope some people have gotten away with it at least once.

Never have I ever gotten into a fistfight.

Violence is not the solution.

Never have I ever pretended to be busy while playing with my phone.

It is one method of avoiding awkward situations.

Never have I ever ridden my bike on the sidewalk.

Nobody wants to run into someone on the sidewalk by accident.

Never have I ever shoplifted from a store.

I hope you’re no longer doing it.

Never have I ever spent hours on YouTube watching funny videos.

The best medicine is laughter!

Never have I ever eaten ramen before.

Suppose you haven’t, congratulations! It can become addictive!

Never have I ever thought a cartoon character was attractive.

I’m sure you had crushes on cartoon characters.

Never have I ever tried anything I saw on Pinterest.

But they appear to be so simple…

I never tried to see how many marshmallows I could fit in my mouth.

It’s Chubby Bunny time!

Never have I ever learned how to ride a bike.

I feel like I blew a childhood opportunity.

Never have I ever discovered a person in the midst of a bathroom visit.

Ooops! Trust me on this. That was something I didn’t want to see!

Never have I ever watched We Bare Bears.

They’re so cute! My spirit animal is an ice bear.

Never have I ever got a chance to meet a celebrity!

Let’s go to where the celebrities are.

Never have I ever taken flowers from a neighbor’s garden.

They’re stunning!

Never have I ever opened a push door.

We’ve all done it. Accept it.

I have never stalked a former lover’s boyfriend or girlfriend on social media.

You know it’s wrong, but you can’t stop yourself.

Never have I ever encountered a cassette player.

That’s why we’re known as Generation Z! We live in the digital age!

Never have I ever seen a filthy magazine.

Why buy a magazine when you can look it up on the internet?

Never have I ever stalked a crush online.

I want to be nearer to him! Do I come across as a stalker yet?

I never smiled at someone when I realized I wasn’t paying attention to what they were saying.

I multitask in this manner.

Never have I ever been envious of my friends.

It’s an unpleasant emotion, but you must understand how it feels.

Never have I ever been locked in a room.

I hope you don’t have claustrophobia!

Never have I ever blamed a friend for something I’ve done.

A true friend will put up with little things in the name of friendship.

Never have I ever borrowed something that I ended up keeping.

I’m hoping the person I borrowed from has already forgotten about it.

Never have I ever been afraid of the dark.

Even as an adult, the dark can be frightening!

Never have I ever been chased by a cat.

Have you ever been hissed at by a large cat? You, too, would flee!

Never have I ever done anything I’m sorry for.

Everyone has regrets in life, but we must move on.

Never have I ever cried in the shower after a breakup before.

Allow yourself an emo moment and cry it out!

Never have I ever eaten all of my Halloween candy in one sitting.

This is entirely feasible.

Never have I ever screamed because of a bug.

When I see bugs, cockroaches, or clowns, I scream!

I never cried because I didn’t get the gift I desired.

You may believe you haven’t done this, but can you honestly say you never threw a tantrum as a child because you didn’t get the desired toy?

Never have I ever downloaded music illegally.

Who doesn’t want to support their favorite artists but has done so?

I never drank an entire case of Coke by myself in a single day.

That’s quite a bit of sugar!

Final Thoughts

In today’s post, we compiled a short list of Never Have I Ever questions for teens. This game has different rules and ways to play it.

These statements will undoubtedly elicit stories of people’s outrageous exploits. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!