Rune Factory 4 Walkthrough

Rune Factory 4 Walkthrough

Rune Factory 4 Walkthrough

If you’re new to Rune Factory 4, you may be wondering how to progress in the game and how to unlock all the items. We’ll also discuss crafting, sidequests, and the Fierce Boss. Hopefully, this Rune Factory 4 walkthrough will help you get through the game with ease. So, without further ado, let’s get started! Read on to learn more!…and have fun!


The Rune Factory series is known for its sidequests, and while they aren’t always easy, they are an essential part of the game’s gameplay. So here’s how to find Goblin Archer in Rune Factory 5! The first sidequest you should do is to find a wanted monster! It might sound easy, but it’s a bit difficult – especially if you’re unsure where to start!

Another sidequest is to increase Selphia’s popularity by hosting festivals and attracting merchants. There are many ways to do this, and some of them require you to collect Princess/Prince points, which you can earn through positive actions. For example, if you capture a fairy, you can claim her reward for a certain amount of Fairy items. This sidequest also requires you to build a bridge between two buildings – one on each side of Selphie.

While many games are limited in how many they allow you to accomplish at any one time, Rune Factory 4 offers a variety of activities. You can meet new characters, learn new skills, and earn additional money. You can also participate in different events in the town, such as events for the main plot. You can complete the various sidequests at your own pace, as long as you can spend some time.

One of the essential sidequests in Rune Factory 4 is the SEED quest. Your protagonist will arrive in an unfamiliar land and meet its inhabitants. A member of SEED, Livia, has been studying rune energy distortion. You’ll need to explore the map to progress the plot. While exploring the map, you’ll likely encounter a treasure chest containing valuable equipment. If you can find this one, you’re in luck.

Unlocking items

If you are looking for tips to unlock items in Rune Factory 4, you’ve come to the right place. While this game has a lot to offer, it can also be intimidating for new players. Here’s a look at some of the most effective ways to unlock items in Rune Factory 4:

– Give five handmade items to Terry. He’ll gift one of them to you. Pickled turnips and shields are recommended, but the Heart Pendant isn’t guaranteed. To ensure you’ll get it, save the game and try again. The trick will work, but you’ll need to be patient and don’t rush. If you’re not in a hurry, you can always try to get the Heart Pendant again.

– Don’t forget to get your hands on some cute stuff! Arthur loves cute things, so he’ll appreciate the Creepy Doll. This creepy doll is an excellent way to earn extra gold, but you can only buy one creepy doll at a time. This trick requires lots of patience, but it’s worth it for the rewards. Luckily, it’s easy to unlock items in Rune Factory 4 if you’re willing to spend time crafting them.

In Rune Factory 5, you can unlock the Flower Shop. This new shop offers you flower seeds. Previously, the Flower Shop only sold items related to farming, but this new shop will have a different purpose. You’ll unlock it at a certain point in the story. So if you’re stuck at a time when you need to unlock a specific item, it’s probably time to visit a Flower Shop and buy some flower seeds.


The crafting table in Rune Factory 4 enables players to create items and equipment. You can craft armor, shields, headgear, shoes, and other accessories. To begin crafting, press the A button to open the crafting screen. You will see the name of the item you are working on and a rucksack where you can place the ingredients. You can also learn new recipes by eating recipe bread. Below are some tips for crafting in Rune Factory 4.

Before you start crafting, you must first obtain a Crafting Table. This can be purchased for Gold from Bado after beating the Water Ruins boss. You can also purchase materials, such as lumber, from the materials vendors. Once you’ve purchased materials, you can use the crafting table to make equipment. For example, you can upgrade your armor and weapons by choosing which type of item you want to craft. The level cap of each item is level 10.

The crafting table is an essential part of any rune game. Crafting weapons, armor, and items is essential for fighting enemies and staying alive. Crafting weapons, armor, and other equipment requires a Crafting Table located at the top of the map. Having this table allows players to craft various items such as chests, armors, and shields. These items are necessary for upgrading weapons and armor, and they are available in various ways and places.

There is a variety of crafting options in Rune Factory 4. You can use Type Materials to swap out one type of material for another. For example, a broad sword needs an Ore Type material, but an iron ore can be used instead of copper to make it. Type materials also allow you to ignore grid lines during farming and reduce your speed when you move on cold surfaces. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can move to advanced crafting modes.

Fearsome boss

The Fearsome boss is a challenging yet unique character in Rune Factory 4. While not the most challenging boss in the game, this fiend is one of the most dangerous. His attacks range from swinging his body to sucking you into fireballs. If you’re stuck, here are some tips to defeat him. The first step is to learn the patterns for his attacks. This walkthrough will help you master them and other techniques that are vital for victory.

The Fiersome boss in Rune Factory 4 has three distinct phases. You’ll need to complete all of these stages to defeat him and unlock the special switch. Then, you’ll have to talk to the senior citizens in the village to get money and get some experience points. In addition, you’ll have to save your game frequently as they may appear in your path again. So, if you’re stuck at a point in the game, try to save your progress at the Autumn Road save point. You can also learn more about the particular version of Rune Factory 4 in the English language.

You should also use Axel Disaster and the 3DS Mixer to gain more items. These items will allow you to create more robust gear, so it’s essential to use them wisely. It’s important to remember that each of these items has different effects. If you don’t have enough items, be careful not to use them against the Fiersome boss. He has a high HP and can be pretty tricky to kill. You should make sure that you’ve used the best items in your inventory to get the materials you need to craft the most substantial gear.

Growing giant-sized crops

When you want to grow giant-sized crops in Rune Factory 4, you’ll need to know how to manage your plots properly. For starters, you need to understand that big crops take up two by two patches of land. Therefore, they will grow much more extensively than average, and you can only grow them once they merge. This process is dependent on chance and the quality of your soil. To enhance your soil, you can apply the Greenifier or fertilizer, which will increase its quality.

For this purpose, you must plant four seeds of the same crop on a two by two square of soil. After that, you must water them regularly. It would help to wait until the crops have grown to their full size before harvesting them. You may also use Giantizer on soil with high stats. If you plan to use this technique, it’s best to use Giantizer on land with high stats.

To make seeds, you need to grow a crop to a level one higher than its previous level. Once the crop is fully grown, use the sickle to harvest the seed. Once the crop is harvested, ship the seed to the stores so they can buy it on the same day. You can also use the Greenifier+ to speed up the leveling process. The best way to grow giant-sized crops in Rune Factory 4 is to use the same plot of land every time.

There are several ways to grow crops in Rune Factory 4. The main areas for crop cultivation are behind Rigbarth Outpost and on Farm Dragons, and you can unlock up to five of them by collecting 500 Friendship Points. You can also buy Greenifier from Ludmila’s shop in Selphie’s southwest region. Greenifier+ is made by mixing 10x Greenifier with one magic water and cooking it for three minutes.