Stranger Things Season 3 – How Did Eleven Open the Gate?

    Stranger Things Season 3 - How Did Eleven Open the Gate?

    Stranger Things Season 3 – How Did Eleven Open the Gate?

    In a new interview, Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer have revealed some secrets about the third season of their show. The major question that fans want to know is how Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) managed to open the gate in the first place. In a new interview with Teen Vogue, they reveal some clues:

    “The idea behind it was that it all comes from this kind of intense feeling she has that she doesn’t really understand or know where it’s coming from,” said Ross. “It’s slightly more abstract than her mother just passing away, but there’s still this realization at some point where she realizes life is finite.

    In the Stranger Things Season 3 finale, Eleven opens the Gate. The question on our minds is how Eleven opened the Gate and what motivated her to do so. In addition, we wonder about Max’s coma and Vecna’s plan to create a portal between worlds.

    Stranger Things Season 3 Finale

    The Stranger Things Season 3 finale reveals that the Russians are conducting more research on Upside Down and feeding a man to the Demogorgon. This means the Demogorgon is free to expand its species and wage war against Hawkins. Meanwhile, Eleven has lost her powers and must find a way to regain them. Unfortunately, she may need a mentor to learn how to do that.

    The episode begins with Eleven dumps Mike. Meanwhile, the CIA sends helicopters to Hawkins to investigate the damage and bring in Dr. Owens. Meanwhile, Eleven runs from a mall after Joyce looks at her, but she doesn’t see Hopper. The newsreel also questions Hawkins since the chemical leak and wonders if Satanism is behind everything.

    The Stranger Things Season 3 finale concludes with a cliffhanger that raises many questions about the show’s characters. While the show focuses on the supernatural force that has plagued the town, it also shows how the characters have one another’s backs. Although Max and Eleven had some hostility initially, their relationship has evolved to a point where they work together.

    In the Season 3 finale, the mysterious Mind Flayer is still in the area of the town and tries to capture Eleven. Jonathan tries to slash the Mind Flayer’s arm with his gloved hand, but he ends up hurting Eleven even more. However, she frees herself and eventually finds her way to the Big Buy mart to get help.

    The Stranger Things Season 3 finale reveals a significant twist in the storyline. Eleven learns how to tap into Max’s mind in the season finale. Her powers allow her to “piggyback” into Max’s mind. This is the only way that she can bring him back to life.

    Vecna’s Plan to Establish a Gate Between the Worlds

    Vecna, a demon, has been planning to establish a gate between worlds for thousands of years. She wants this Gate to be the most potent portal between worlds. To do this, she has possessed four people – Dustin, Max Mayfield, Erica, and Lucas Sinclair. Vecna has been able to communicate with these individuals, and she has been able to use them to expand her plans.

    While Vecna was attempting to control the Mind Flayer, she was also attempting to establish a psychic connection between two worlds. Her plan to do so is explained in the Season 4 finale. This connection would help her to become stronger and use her power as a Mind Flayer, which is limited to a wide opening of gates between worlds.

    Max is initially attracted to Vecna, but the truth about his identity comes out during an intense fight with Vecna. Vecna eventually kills him, but Eleven manages to revive him. Vecna later returns to Hawkins and begins to hunt Eleven.

    Vecna has also been involved in the creation of the Mind Flayer. This creature can manipulate objects with its mind, making it nearly impossible to stop them. It can send out energy beams, manipulate particles, and turn them into living things. Vecna subsequently used this power to reset humanity’s destinies.

    Vecna has taken advantage of her telekinetic abilities to attack humans in the human dimension. In the real world, she was the son of a man named Victor Creel. His parents had exhibited telekinetic abilities. After Vecna was isolated from them, he was determined to use his telekinetic powers to kill them. But his plan ultimately failed.

    Eleven’s Motives for Opening the Gate

    Eleven’s motives for opening the Gate are unclear. In season one, she never killed anyone to create the link, but in season four, she killed the One and used his soul to open the Gate. While this might be a coincidence, it does seem to suggest a connection between death and Eleven’s ability to open the Gate.

    Eleven’s growing powers are similar to Harry’s being marked by Voldemort as a child. They shared similar abilities and a unique mental connection, eventually setting them up to fight the Dark Lord. Despite having similar abilities, the two shared an intense love for one another. This love set them up for victory.

    Eleven’s psychometric abilities are potent. Her powers allow her to expel large amounts of power, though she is often tired or has nosebleeds when she uses them. Eleven has also been involved in Project MKUltra, conducted at the Hawkins National Lab. The Department of Energy operated this lab, and one of their subjects was Terry Ives. After accidentally opening the Gate, Eleven has an uncanny ability to find the people who have done this.

    Ultimately, Vecna’s plot worked to open the gates to the Upside Down. She terrorized the teenagers in Hawkins and eventually killed one of them to open the Gate between the two realms. She aimed to destroy Hawkins and merge the Upside Down with the Right Side. Unfortunately, Vecna’s evil gates have linked with Max’s, so Eleven must find a way to overcome Vecna and save the world.

    Max’s Coma after Being Killed by Vecna

    It is not entirely clear why Vecna created a hive mind in the Upside Down and entered the human world through the other Gate. It seems likely that Vecna absorbed the minds of many different monsters to create its own. Once Eleven opened the other Gate, Vecna’s hive mind gained strength and entered our world. Fans have been asking whether Max will survive the upcoming season. The show’s creators have not yet revealed the release date for season 5 but confirmed that writing for it would begin in August.

    While Max is unconscious and in a coma, he sees Billy in another dimension. During this time, he is being manipulated by Vecna. His eyes are bleeding, and his limbs are contorted. Steve and Lucas try to help him wake up, but Max’s curse has taken hold. Billy then begins playing mind games with Max, but Max escapes from Billy and goes deeper into the Upside Down.

    Vecna is still after Max and is thought to be his fourth victim. Eleven decides to fight Vecna in Max’s mind, but this proves challenging. Eventually, Max wakes up. But the time is not yet suitable for him to wake up and face his enemies.

    While it is unclear how Max is likely to return to the show after his coma, he was injured during the last season and was probably the fourth victim of Vecna, the evil spooky girl played by Jamie Campbell Bower. Vecna’s death is crucial to breaking the barriers between the Upside-Down and Hawkins. It is also possible that Eleven will revive Max during Stranger Things season five.

    Henry’s Motives for Opening the Gate

    Throughout his life, Henry has felt like an outsider. He has resented people who try to control him and has failed to fit in with other children. This has led him to find solace in the world of predators and solitary creatures. This is the main reason behind Henry’s motives for opening the Gate.