Which Chipmunk is Getting the Best Head?


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Which Chipmunk is Getting the Best Head?

The question “Which chipmunk is getting the best head?” has gone viral on the internet. It started as a picture with a caption: “Which chipmunk is getting the best head?” Then, Internet users wrote detailed captions for each chipmunk, while some just stared at the picture.


Alvin, the chipmunk with the best heads, is a beloved cartoon series for children. In this story, Alvin has the most heads out of all the chipmunks – his penis is the smallest, and his nut head is the largest! This cartoon is fun for the whole family!

In this cartoon, Alvin is the most romantic and crazy, while Simon is the most prudent and logical. This is the perfect pairing for a chubby chipmunk. Alvin’s personality matches his head perfectly! He’s a good friend for Simon and a good partner for Simon, which makes him the best partner.

The best chipmunks are those with the most prominent heads. For example, Alvin is the tallest and has the best head. The chipmunk with the most significant head gets the most oral sex. The chipmunk with the most significant head gets the most nut and the most oral sex.

The best chipmunk head is the one with the most personality. Unlike the best head of the best chipmunk, Simon’s head doesn’t look like the protagonist. Instead, it should resemble the one in the film. However, some think Alvin, the chipmunk with the best head, is the best.

The quality of Alvin’s relationship with Brittany is also crucial. Although Brittany is the most popular of the Chipettes, her lack of enthusiasm might hurt her performance. In addition, Alvin is a dramatic character who overreacts to situations, creating comedic relief. However, Alvin likely overreacts to boost their ego of Chipette.

In Alvin, the chipmunk with the best ‘head’ video, the character looks like he’s receiving the best oral sex. The best head performance is based on details in the photo, including facial expression and body language. The character’s background can also determine it.


Which chipmunk gets the best head? The chipmunk with the best head gets the most oral sex! Simon, Theodore, and Alvin get their share of nuts, but Theodore gets the most prominent head. While Simon is the coolest of the crew, he has fewer brains than Theodore. However, he’s still the best nut on the crew.

The caption on the picture of a chipmunk asking which one gets the best head went viral on the internet. The caption prompted internet users to write detailed captions for each chipmunk. Some wrote them to express their opinion, while others just looked at the picture.

Theodore is a virgin but just as excited to get ahead as his new lover, Eleanor. Theodore is a sensitive chipmunk. His body is susceptible, and he’s timid. This makes him a great candidate for fellatio.

Theodore’s head is the subject of much debate. As the smallest chipmunk, he has a small penis, but he’s the smartest. He has the best head, but he’s the most modest. As a result, he’s the best partner for Simon.

In the 1980s, Chipmunks have a long-running cartoon show in which they celebrate their birthday together. The 1983 series introduces them together and celebrates their birthday together. In this episode, Chipmunks also have a mother, Vinnie, who abandoned her children on Dave’s doorstep after a cold winter. Vinnie later returns to visit them years later. In the 1980s, Dave was unaware of their origins until they argued over the date of the boys’ birthday.

As for the female chipmunks, Brittany is the most popular. She is also the most mature and most compassionate of the three. Moreover, she’s the oldest chipmunk and is her girlfriend of Alvin. However, Theodore develops a crush on Eleanor, and he confesses to her that she looks great just the way she is.


A picture has been circulated online that claims that Simon the chipmunk has the best head. It shows three chipmunks: Alvin, Simon, and the moon. Captions are written to analyze the picture and determine which one has the best head. However, one Redditor went against the captions, claiming that Simon has the best head.

The original picture of a chipmunk with the caption “Which chipmunk is getting the best head” quickly went viral. Many internet users took to writing detailed captions for each chipmunk. Others looked at the picture and wondered what the captions meant. But, regardless of the captions, the pictures were funny and easily shared.

Despite his shy nature, Simon the chipmunk is incredibly sexually motivated. He loves to engage in oral sex. He is even prone to grabbing objects when in a state of sexual pleasure. However, he is still shy and not ready to come out. Instead, he is trying to gain acceptance and validate his heterosexual tendencies.

Simon, the chipmunk, has the best head. He has the most prominent head and the most ears. He also has the most brains. The best head gets the most oral sex. Theodore gets the best nut, and Simon has the most incredible head. This makes him the most popular of all the chipmunks.

While Simon, the chipmunk, has the best head, some argue that Alvin is more intelligent. However, despite being more confident than Simon, Alvin has a better memory. While he isn’t as intelligent as a squirrel, he is likelier to notice predators because of his excellent eyesight. The “who has the best head” debate is an example.


Jeanette, the chipmunk, has one of the best heads in the book. Her head is more significant than her brother Simon’s. It’s not just the size, though. It’s also the personality. Simon is a nerd and an observer. His innate geekiness may lead to his first sexual experience. His girlfriend may also be geeky, which could be a good thing. Jeanette is the quietest of the three and dresses most conservatively. This may mean she won’t get too freaky.

Chipmunks have the best heads because they don’t feel intimidated by other animals and are confident enough to approach humans. While they might not want to make love with you, they can’t help but kiss you. So, who gets the best head? You can only decide after studying the chipmunks’ personality traits.

The chipmunks with the best heads are Simon, Alvin, Brittany, and Jeanette. The best head is the one with the most brains. The worst head belongs to Theodore. Theodore and Jeanette are friends and are often seen spending time together.

This picture has made it viral. The original caption, which asked, “Which Chipmunk is getting the best head?” sparked an influx of creative captions from internet users. Some people went so far as to write lengthy captions for each of the three. Others looked at the picture.

Alvin and Theodore have the best heads, but they are opposites in their personality. Simon is the most open-hearted, while Alvin is the most romantic. But they are not the only chipmunks with good heads.


A picture of chipmunks with captions that ask, “Which chipmunk has the best head?” went viral on the website Rule 34. Some internet users wrote detailed captions for each chipmunk, while others just looked at the picture. The result? Three contests for the title “Chimpette with the best head!”

Alvin, Simon, and Brittany all have the best heads. Alvin, whose head is more significant than Theo’s, is the best squeaky chipmunk. Eleanor’s favorite is Alvin. She also loves Alvin and Simon. Alvin and Simon are her best friends.

When it comes to chipmunk heads, everyone has their favorites. Some prefer the big boys’ heads while others prefer the little girls’. However, the best head doesn’t necessarily mean the most attractive. It depends on the personality traits of the chipmunk. If you want to know more about the chipmunks’ personalities, read their captions.

Alvin has the best head, and Simon has the best ears. Alvin has the smallest penis. Alvin’s head is the best looking, while Theodore’s is the most delicate. Alvin’s head is the smallest. While Theodore has the most prominent head, Alvin is the most secretive and has the smallest penis.

Alvin is the smartest of the chipmunks. He has a higher I.Q. than Einstein, making him the most intelligent and fun person. His innate abilities make him the best head, and he and Brittany have a great relationship. This is an excellent book for kids and will make them laugh.

Alvin and Brittany are the oldest of the litter. They’re five minutes older than Theodore and Eleanor. They’re ten minutes older than Jeanette, while Simon is five minutes older.