Why is French Toilet Paper Colorful?

Why is French Toilet Paper Colorful?

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Why is French Toilet Paper Colorful?

If you think that French toilet paper isn’t very colorful, consider this: it’s made of lignin, a chemical found in wood. This chemical is what gives French toilet paper its characteristic color. Until the 1970s, toilet paper in France was white, fluffy, and printed with a light motif. Today, however, pink toilet paper is considered old-fashioned, uncomfortable, and cheap. Today, however, hip, fashion-conscious Frenchmen use white, triple-ply paper with pink sheep on it. The only exception to this rule is in public restrooms.


Lignin, a natural component of wood pulp, is a polymer that gives toilet paper its color and softness. It also increases paper’s shelf-life. Lignin is also responsible for the yellowing of old newspapers and toilet paper. To prevent this, toilet paper manufacturers bleach their pulp before making it into toilet paper. Bleaching turns pulp white. However, if you were to use toilet paper that had brown streaks, you would know that it’s not made of wood pulp. Usually, the glue that holds the cellulose together is a darker color.

Lignin is a natural component of wood, but bleaching it makes toilet paper whiter. It also makes lumber and paper more rigid. However, it’s not as comfortable for behinds. This is why most manufacturers bleach their toilet paper, not to mention bleaching it to make it white. The problem with bleaching is that bleaching might cause skin irritations, especially for people with sensitive skin.

The cellulose and lignin-rich pulp is first cleaned to remove excess lignin and cooking chemicals, and then bleached to remove the remaining lignin. The pulp then goes through several stages of processing, including a multi-stage washer to remove excess lignin and cooking chemicals. After this stage, the pulp is then taken to a bleach plant. The lignin-containing fiber is bleached to remove the yellow color, but residual lignin causes yellowing of paper over time. After bleaching, the paper is then pressed to remove any remaining lignin.

Renovo’s black toilet paper

Renova’s black toilet paper is colorful! It’s soft and absorbent, and is available in an array of colours. With its distinctive logo, Renova toilet paper can match any bathroom decor. It’s also 100 percent biodegradable and recyclable. This toilet paper also doesn’t bleed, so there’s no need to worry about it staining your skin! It also comes in a convenient roll that has 140 sheets.

Renova is a Swedish company that has turned toilet paper into a media star. They have created an award-winning black toilet tissue, as well as a range of vibrant colours. While Europeans have been enjoying bright toilet tissue since the early 2000s, Renova has made its North American debut this summer. The toilet paper is moisturizing lotion scented, making it a pleasant experience while using the toilet.

Renova’s colored toilet paper isn’t for everyone, but for some people, it is an aesthetic choice. Renova makes 3-ply toilet paper in a variety of fun colors, including pink, lime green, orange, yellow, and fuchsia. But why is it so colorful? In part, it’s because Renova doesn’t mind flying the toilet paper freak flag, which means the rolls are more expensive than white paper. Renova has decided to charge $16 a package for its colorful rolls. While the product is not for everyone, the color trend is back and colored toilet paper is a big moneymaker.

Kris Jenner’s black toilet paper

The Kardashian family has been known to use black toilet paper, a unique choice in an otherwise white world. The black design is part of the Kardashian aesthetic and is used by the entire Jenner clan, including Kim Kardashian, who temporarily moved back home after giving birth to North West. Kim didn’t like the black and white design of the toilet paper and couldn’t stand using it. However, there was no problem for Kris when she bought white toilet paper.

Kris Jenner is a momager to a large family, a successful businesswoman who runs a production company and recently opened her own church. Kim Kardashian confirmed to Piers Morgan that she was one of the people who funded the church. As part of the church’s efforts to help the homeless, Kris has made it her personal mission to use black toilet paper. It seems that Kris takes her table settings seriously, and she’s been known to purchase expensive toilet paper.

Although most people associate colored toilet paper with the glamorous life, the new trend is making a comeback. Luxury paper product manufacturer Renova sells black toilet paper, and the newest version of their scented three-ply toilet paper is red. Renova toilet paper is also extremely affordable, selling at only $8 per roll. Some celebrities have even endorsed the toilet paper, including Beyonce, who reportedly requested red rolls while on tour. The brand’s toilet paper also comes in many different colors and has won over fans worldwide. Kris Jenner uses the black version.